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Date: 10/26/2005
Name: Max
Comment: Hi Nick, I would like to tell you that your image & your playing is impressive. You have to know that you are GREAT. You are my best actor. I wish you new big roles. Best. Max
Date: 10/22/2005
Name: Lora
Comment: Hello I\'m from Spain. I just want to say that you really do a great job on this site. Nick Chinlund is the best actor. He\'s the most charming actor I ever known. I have search for other sites, but your site is BEST. My favourite movie of this special guy is \"A Brother\'s kiss\". He is really dramatic actor. And I like when Nick plays \"bad guys\". Toombs & McGivens are very charismatic. Waiting for new films with Nick!
Date: 10/20/2005
Name: maria
Comment: nick es muy sexy,me gusta mucho en todas sus peliculas trabaja estupendo ..ojala en chile hubieran hombres como el ...I love you.....
Date: 10/17/2005
Name: lucky_punk
Comment: whoah,i\'m pretty suprised that i found site like this:)good good!Thank you so much that you keep up this site,you make many people so happy;) You have pretty huge collection of different kinda pictures here,i found many good ones !! Whoah,he is so handsome :P:D
Date: 10/15/2005
Name: Dianne
Comment: An impressive site and dedicated to one of the most underrated actors today. Thank you for such a comprehensive section. I do have some photos I could give you to add to your photo galleries. Please email me if you like. A great site.
Date: 09/07/2005
Name: kiki
Comment: Nick is sooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 09/05/2005
Name: Candice
Comment: I must say, I cant believe Nick has an offical site. He is absolutely a gentleman and I am proud to say that I have had the opportunity to have dinner with him this past X mas. He is a friend of my family since a few years ago....hes a great guy and I Am real proud to have met him:):) Candice
Date: 09/02/2005
Name: Emma
Comment: I already wrote something in here about Nick but I just can\'t help but to write more! Nick is the best actor in the world! I love him! He is the sexiest man alive, and he always will be! I hope he is as good on the inside as he is on the outside! ;-)
Date: 08/30/2005
Name: jess
Comment: i would just like to thank you for the great site. keep up the great work; Nick deserves all the credit he gets and it\'s good to see that you realize this. i\'ll be visiting again.
Date: 08/28/2005
Name: Susanna
Comment: Your Site is really awesome!!I love Nick,he such a great actor.Here in Germany it´s hard to find some stuff about him!! Nick Chinlund rocks!!!
Date: 07/24/2005
Name: Millie
Comment: NICK I LOVE YOU!!! You the best of the best, you are my love forever!!!! I saw many your films and I think you are very talented and of course very-very sexy. I watched “Amy’s O” 9 times. Cool. A big kiss... with love Millie.
Date: 07/01/2005
Name: JennyJ.
Comment: Hi! this site is really good! I love Nick! he\'s really sexy...;) I saw the movie “a brother’s kiss” Nick is so great in it!
Date: 06/02/2005
Name: jazzy
Comment: hey hunny you are the best of the best and all your movies are great!!!!! i love you sooooo much ur my idol!!!!
Date: 06/02/2005
Name: Anna - Maria
Comment: Nick is very very sexy !!!
Date: 05/24/2005
Name: Sabine
Comment: Seid ich Nick zum erstenmal in den Film \" Con Air \" in seine schönen Blauen Augen blicken konnte, bin ich verliebt in Ihn. Er ist einfach WUNDERBAR !!!