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The guestbook is closed.
Date: 07/28/2006
Name: oome
Comment: This is a very informative site.
Date: 07/28/2006
Name: ilod
Comment: Very good website you have here.
Date: 07/27/2006
Name: bcs
Comment: Very good site with a lot of useful information
Date: 07/27/2006
Name: que
Comment: Yes. Very good site! worth to visit!
Date: 07/27/2006
Name: Priscilla
Comment: Hi Nick! Your site is great! I just added to the message board and now i have found this! I’m your fan, but some of your movies i don\'t like, example: Daybreak, Reform School Girl, Beyond Suspicion, Ultraviolet (dung). I\'ve seen them once and that\'s ugh! You are really wonderful actor and i don\'t understand why you plays in movies like these. Especially I love The Chronicles of Riddick and Tears of the Sun. Your acting was awesome. You\'re cool in these movies, definitely. Hope to see you in more good (!!!!!!!!!) movies. So, keep up the good work!!!!! Your fans love you!!
Date: 07/26/2006
Name: wak
Comment: The best day.
Date: 07/26/2006
Name: ucm
Comment: Have A Blog.
Date: 07/26/2006
Name: TNT
Comment: Hello everyone! I have found a new fan page about Nick:
Date: 07/26/2006
Name: sdf
Comment: hello world!
Date: 07/24/2006
Comment: Enjoyed ur work. Susi
Date: 07/24/2006
Name: MAVE
Date: 07/22/2006
Name: jonathan
Comment: hay nick you met me at a frunuall i go to school with charlie he entroduced to you
Date: 07/22/2006
Comment: i met you at the a frunual my name is jonathan at rosedale babtist church
Date: 07/20/2006
Name: Helga
Comment: Уважаемые владельцы сайта, спасибо вам за прекрасный материал. Наша компания давно является Вашим посетителем. Дальнейшего вам процветания!
Date: 07/19/2006
Name: A.G. Meyer
Comment: I just want to say that Nick Chinlund is the most inspirational and talented actor in the movies today. I seriously enjoy movies with him, and I want to see them all over again. I am so glad I finally stumbled upon this website! Thank to all who made it!