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Date: 11/18/2006
Name: Reena
Comment: Hi! I want to wish all the best for Nick Chinlund, and I hope to see him on the TV and big screen for many years in future!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: John W.
Comment: With heartiest and warmest congratulations on your 45th birthday and best wishes. Thank you for your performances on screen. Happy Birthday Nick!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: Korallee
Comment: Happy B-Day Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to say your fans love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: platinum_78
Comment: Happy Birthday, Nick! Hope all your wishes come true!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: Irma
Comment: Happy Birthday Mr.Chinlund! It was so wonderful to see in Ultraviolet last summer. Thank you for sharing your wondrous talent with the world. I look forward to your future works! Sincerely yours, Irma
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: tatooooo
Comment: Woo! Happy Birthday, Nick!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: baib-bu-55
Comment: Happy birthday Nick Chinlund! Thank you for your impressive, wonderful, magnificent work!!! You are the Best actor in Hollywood!!!!!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: Jast fangirl
Comment: Best birthday wishes to the sexiest man alive!! NICK I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: Joaq
Comment: Happy birthday from all your spanish fans!
Date: 11/18/2006
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: darkrose
Comment: Happy Birthday to one of the best guys in the world!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: Anna Gammel
Comment: Congratulations on your 45th birthday! I have followed your career with great interest for some time. I can think of many roles that would suit you so well. Very best wishes and new great movies! Happy Birthday!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: kyra
Comment: hi nick! happy birthday to you!!! hope u have a great time! luv u!
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: A
Comment: happy birthday nick i wish you good luck in the future and a true love may all your dreams come true
Date: 11/18/2006
Name: Valery
Comment: I hope he has the best day. Nick is such a wonderful man and actor and I wish him nothing but the best on his day.