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Date: 01/08/2007
Name: kathie- kitten
Comment: Nick is handsome! Oh soooooooooo handsome and sexy! And he plays his characters with such a high level of intensity. he\'s an awesome actor with so much talent and deserves a lot more credit. What else I can say… NICK I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 01/08/2007
Name: zeelee
Comment: Hey Nick your fans love you! are you gonna be in any more movies? If you are please let us know! just wanted to wish you good luck! by the way, site is very nice!
Date: 01/05/2007
Name: inga
Comment: hi my name is inga i am in love with nick!!!! i love a brothers kiss, my heart has stopped when i got to see his sexy ass!!! yummy-y-y-y-y-y!! i luv u nick!!!!! i luv ur incredible blue eyes and u r the best actor eva!!!
Date: 01/02/2007
Name: alexdixisa
Comment: Very Interesting Thanks you for your work. Best regards.
Date: 12/31/2006
Name: Walburga
Comment: hello friends! I want to felicitate you on New Year and wish a lot of health and happiness, tvone to the real love and understanding. Happy new year.
Date: 12/31/2006
Name: zyprexa
Comment: Thanks! Good work. See U. Happy New Year!
Date: 12/30/2006
Name: sandraissa
Comment: Happy new year !-! o:)))))
Date: 12/30/2006
Name: lindavids
Comment: Hi Thank you for your site Resp. And Happy New Year. Bye
Date: 12/25/2006
Name: NickySS
Comment: Hi! Nice info, big thx.
Date: 12/24/2006
Name: azureanaconda
Comment: Site is awesome! Well done! Marry Christmas!
Date: 12/24/2006
Name: taya_berghoff
Comment: Happy New Year to Nick and everyone else of course! Site is wonderful! Thx!
Date: 12/24/2006
Name: locusta
Comment: Marry Xmas & Happy New Year!! Have a wonderful holiday!
Date: 12/24/2006
Name: kira
Comment: Hi Nick! I Love you in every movie i saw you in. My favourite are A BROTHER’S KISS and GOODNIGHT JOSEPH PARKER. You are a great actor and i would like to meet you one day. Happy Holiday!
Date: 12/24/2006
Name: felician
Comment: Thanks for the welcome Christmas Day falls on December 25. It is preceded by Christmas Eve on December 24, and in some countries is followed by Boxing Day on December 26. Some Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on January 7, which corresponds to December 25 on the Julian calendar. December 25 as a birthdate for Jesus is merely traditional, and is not thought to be his actual date of birth. Regards
Date: 12/22/2006
Name: a person with too much time on her hands
Comment: I wonder if nick actually checks the sites about him. It must be so sureal seeing how much people like him and how much of his life is open to the world. But, he is an actor, it like in the job description, lol. Anywho, nick rox, hehe. peace and luv peoples!