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Date: 01/30/2007
Name: Marcy
Comment: This site is AWESOME! i am absolutely in love with Nick so i love this site! Goodnight, Joseph Parker is the best movie ever!
Date: 01/26/2007
Comment: . .
Date: 01/25/2007
Name: dssn
Comment: nick is very hot and this site is cool.. thank you and have a nice day.. bye bye
Date: 01/23/2007
Name: Nathalie
Comment: Dear Nick, I love you so much!!!!!!!!!! You drive me crazy every time I see you!!! You are such an amazing person and a talented actor. Many kisses
Date: 01/22/2007
Name: badpinkdolly
Comment: Hey There ...i just wanna say that Nick Chinlund... is very sexually attractive! Oh so attractive! HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!! And he is an impressive actor too. I\'m In Love With Him!!!!!!!!
Date: 01/21/2007
Name: Elena
Comment: Nice site. Im big fan of Nick Chinlund.I found out a lot of things I never knew! i agree he\'s an awesome actor and deserves a lot more credit. Have you ever met him or seen him in person? I really enjoy this site. Keep up the good work!
Date: 01/21/2007
Name: deen
Comment: I love your website! Where did you find all these pictures?! Great job!!! Tnx!
Date: 01/19/2007
Name: bryan
Comment: Hey! Relax, girls! Nick never visits this site, never reads all this raving and no doubt he never will marry you all.
Date: 01/16/2007
Name: alisaMN
Comment: Very interesting. A lot of interesting information. Best regards authors.
Date: 01/15/2007
Name: mooncookie
Comment: he was totally hot in autoerotica (red shoe diaries series). unfortunately he was not naked there, but you can see naked nick in a brothers kiss, he is extremally sexy!!!!!! look at this pic!!!! he's gorgeous!!!!!!
[images is blocked]
Date: 01/11/2007
Name: Lisavilson
Comment: Big thnx. So interesting. I wish you prosperity Best wishes. Lisa.
Date: 01/11/2007
Name: JulyDamps
Comment: Very interesting. Big thnx 2 author. :) I wish you prosperity Best regards.
Date: 01/11/2007
Name: vera
Comment: thanks for a wonderful website, nick chinlund is gorgeous!!!
Date: 01/10/2007
Name: spicegirl
Comment: Nick Chinlund is really Hot!!!!! Nick if u ever read this i wanna tell u that u have so many fans all over the world and we luv u so much!
Date: 01/09/2007
Name: blackmamba
Comment: Site is awesome! Nick Chinlund is a brilliant actor and omg... yes devilishly handsome man. Fans like me need to have a place where they can find out news about their favorite actor. I think Nick has touched us all with his talented performance. I love watching all the movies Nick has played in. I really adore him. I can\'t wait to see his next movie. Thanks for creating this site! Keep up the nice work!