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movie:  Ultraviolet
Release date: 2006
Country: USA
Runtime: 85 min
Genre: science fiction / horror
Directed by Kurt Wimmer
Milla Jovovich (Violet), Cameron Bright (Six), Nick Chinlund (Vicecardinum Daxus), William Fichtner (Garth), Sebastien Andrieu (Nerva)

   Set in the late 21st century, a subculture of humans have emerged who have been modified genetically by a vampire-like disease (Hemophagia), giving them enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence, and as they are set apart from "normal" and "healthy" humans, the world is pushed to the brink of worldwide civil war (a war between humans and hemophages) aimed at the destruction of the "diseased" population. In the middle of this crossed-fire is - an infected woman - Ultraviolet (Jovovich), who finds herself protecting a nine-year-old boy who has been marked for death by the human government as he is believed to be a threat to humans.
   Assigned by her scientist friend-smitten lover Garth to steal a hemophage-destroying “doomsday device” from the Arch-Ministry presided over by autocrat Daxus (Nick Chinlund), she finds that the supposed device is actually a young boy called Six, whom she rescues not only from the clutches of Daxus but from the none-too-tender intentions of her hemophage associate Nerva.

   Action heroines need a great villain, and Ultraviolet is no exception. To serve as Violet's nemesis, Wimmer dreamed up Daxus, a cruel government germophobic bigwig hellbent on retrieving Six. "Daxus is a bad guy with a sense of humor," says Baldecchi. "To play him, we needed someone who was physically imposing but also had a dash of wit. Also, we needed someone impressive opposite Milla, because when the two square off you have to question her ability to win." The filmmakers knew Nick Chinlund fit the bill perfectly.

в ролях:
Милла Йовович (Виолет), Камерон Брайт (Сикс), Ник Чинланд (вицекардинал Даксус), Уильям Фихтнер (Гарт), Себастьян Эндрю (Нерва)

Будущее, примерно конец XXI века. Человечество поражено болезнью, превращающей людей в сверхсильных, но недолго живущих созданий, сродни вампирам. Правительство, которое и создало вирус, старается уничтожить инфицированных. Инфицированные с такой политикой, понятное дело, не согласны и уходят в подполье. Инфицированная Виолет (Милла Йовович), которая по сценарию, разумеется, и ультра, и супер, и пупер, ну, просто пуперее не бывает, вынуждена защищать 9-летнего мальчика, приговоренного правительством к смерти, поскольку, по предположению этого правительства, он представляет угрозу для обычных людей.

Съемки проходили в Китае и Гонконге.