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movie:  Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron. SWAT Kats Unlikely Alloys
Release date: 1994
Runtime: 30 min
Genre: animation
Directed by
Nick Chinlund (Dr. Lieter Greenbox (voice))
SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron was a Hanna-Barbera animated television series that ran in syndication from 1993 to 1995, when it was canceled. There were a total of 23 finished episodes. There were also 3 unfinished episodes, and a special (Swat Kats Unplugged).

The SWAT Kats stop the Metallikats from robbing the Megakat City Mint, and in the process the two robot gangsters are severely injured, Molly moreso than Mac. When Mac finds out about Dr. Lieter Greenbox's new invention, the Micro-Brain Repair Unit which can fix anything, he immediately takes himself and Molly to Greenbox's lab and steals the device. The Metallikats use it to repair themselves, but in the process the device becomes contaminated by their criminal programming. Achieving sentience, it names itself Zed and proceeds to go on a citywide rampage, assimilating all manner of metal and machinery (including Mac!) onto itself, constructing an ever-growing armored shell. Naturally, only the SWAT Kats can stop Zed, with some help from a vengeful Molly. Unfortunately, Zed's next stop is Puma-Dyne, where it plans to get its hands on the Mega-Beam laser weapon. Worse, Greenbox has become so impressed by what his genius has wrought that he's gone completely looney-tunes and is doing everything he can to ensure that Zed's goals are met.
Коты быстрого реагирования. Невероятные сплавы
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Мультипликационный сериал Коты быстрого реагирования выпускался компанией Hanna-Barbera с 1993 по 1995 гг., после чего был закрыт. Сериал состоит из 23 законченных эпизодов, 3 незавершенных и одного дополнительно выпущенного (Коты быстрого реагирования. Контроль).