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movie:  Street Warrior (TV)
Release date: 2008
Country: USA
Runtime: min
Genre: action
Directed by David Jackson
Max Martini (Jack Campbell), Nick Chinlund (Mr. Pope), Jane Park Smith (Ms. Lee), Max Perlich (Georgie Bautista), Valerie Cruz (Maggie Kuerner), Erin Cottrell (Sarah Campbell), Jayden Lund (Watkins), Kiko Ellsworth (Omar)

After five years hard time in Leavenworth for sending his commanding officer to the hospital in the middle of a war zone, Jack Campbell just wants to return home to a peaceful life. But the home town he left behind has fallen on hard times and Jack's little brother is in a coma. Jack has to follow him the rabbit hole and into an illegal underground fighting tournament called "The Gauntlet" to take revenge on the men who hurt his brother and turned his town upside town.

Уличный боец
в ролях:
Макс Мартини (Джек Кэмпбелл), Ник Чинланд (Мистер Поп), Джейн Парк Смит (Мисс Ли), Макс Перлич (Джорджи Ботиста), Валери Круз (Мэгги Кернер), Эрин Коттрелл (Сара Кэмпбелл), Джейден Ланд (Уоткинс), Кико Эллсворт (Омар)