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movie:  Smith. Three (1.3)
Release date: 2006
Country: USA
Runtime: min
Genre: crime drama
Directed by
Ray Liotta (Bobby Stevens), Virginia Madsen (Hope Stevens), Simon Baker (Jeff), Franky G (Joe), Amy Smart (Annie), Jonny Lee Miller (Tom), Jillian Armenante (Nash), Nick Chinlund (David)

This drama follows the adventures of a team of thieves who visit different cities to execute high-level crimes.
Episode 1.3
Bobby and his team get ready for their next job—starting with raiding an empty cash transport vehicle. Wanting to discover what Bobby is up to, Hope chooses to follow him. Macy moves into Joe's apartment following the continuing harassment from Shawn's bookie. The FBI starts to question whether the team is as ingenious as their previous gigs led them to believe.

Nick played David, financial advisor of Annie. He had a small scene where they were in bed together and eat strawberry; she went off to work on a heist with her other partners.

Смит. Три
в ролях:
Рэй Лиотта (Бобби Стивенс), Вирджиния Мэдсен (Хоуп Стивенс), Саймон Бэйкер (Джефф), Фрэнки Джи (Джо), Эми Смарт (Энни), Джонни Ли Миллер (Том), Джиллиан Арминант (Нэш), Ник Чинланд (Дэвид)

Эпизод 1.3
Этот сериал о буднях команды воров, которая колесит по городам, совершая преступления высокого уровня.