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movie:  Smith. Seven (1.7)
Release date: 2006
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 min
Genre: crime drama
Directed by
Simon Baker (Jeff), Ray Liotta (Bobby Stevens), Jonny Lee Miller (Tom), Amy Smart (Annie), Nick Chinlund (David), Chris Bauer (Agent Dodd), Lisa Vidal (Valez)

This drama follows the adventures of a team of thieves who visit different cities to execute high-level crimes.
Episode 1.3
Between big jobs, Tom, Jeff and Annie work on smaller burglaries, while Bobby gets an intriguing long-term job offer from a friend in Montreal, Canada.

Смит. Семь
в ролях:
Саймон Бэйкер (Джефф), Рэй Лиотта (Бобби Стивенс), Джонни Ли Миллер (Том), Эми Смарт (Энни), Ник Чинланд (Дэвид), Крис Бауэр (агент Додд), Лиза Видал (Валез)