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movie:  Providence. Do the Right Thing (2.16)
Release date: 2000
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 min
Genre: drama
Directed by Tony Wharmby
Nick Chinlund (Daniel Hartman), Melina Kanakaredes (Dr. Sydney Hansen), Mike Farrell (Dr. James Hansen), Paula Cale (Joanie Hansen), Seth Peterson (Robbie Hansen), Concetta Tomei (Lynda Hansen), Doug Boyce (Tom Cavanagh), Mark Daniel Cade (Resident)

Syd's latest patient Mr. Ellison come to the clinic for treatment for advanced cancer and won't live along. Syd is asked to keep Mr. Ellison alive for three days so he can get money for his family to do that he must out live the statute of limitations so the money will go to his family.
   Syd finds the money gives it to her patient. Heather is getting married to Charlie who has a prison record, Dr Hansen is worried that she may be moving to fast. Heather's mom Donna doesn't like Charlie. Who has been married twice. Mrs. Tupperman tells Robbie of Charlie's past.
   Syd runs into Daniel Hartman who says Mr. Ellison sold trust deeds and was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison and now Mr. Hartman wants the money to go to the families. Heather wants to get married to Charlie and may find that hard to do because of her love for Robbie.
   Heather's mom tries to Robbie to stop Heather's wedding but won't do it because feels Heather would be happy. Mr. Hartman go to Syd's house to ask for her help. She is handed a letter from a young boy who lost his home.
   Robbie says he won't go to Heather's wedding that is until Robbie is given a ring that came from Mrs. Tupperman's third husband giving Robbie a reason to stop Heather's wedding.

Провиденс. Сделать правильно
в ролях:
Ник Чинланд (Дэниел Хартман), Мелина Канакаридес (Сидни Хансен), Майк Фаррелл (Джеймс Хансен), Пола Кейл (Джоани Хансен), Сет Петерсон (Робби Хансен), Кончитта Томей (Линда Хансен), Даг Бойс (Том Кавана), Марк Дэниел Кейд (врач-ординатор)