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movie:  Hallowed Ground
Release date: 2007
Country: USA
Runtime: min
Genre: thriller
Directed by David Benullo
Jaimie Alexander (Liz Chambers), Brian McNamara (Sheriff), Chloe Moretz (Sabrina), Nick Chinlund (Jonas Hathaway), Hudson Leick (Sarah), Ethan Phillips (Preacher), Jim Cody Williams (Earl), Ned Vaughn (Mark Simmons)

Liz Chambers, a college sophomore, is on her way back to school from spring break when her car breaks down, leaving her stranded in a quiet Bible-belt town, eerily accepted by the local townspeople. One hundred years ago, a preacher named Jonas Hathaway, who believed that land under the town was hallowed, crucified the towns sinners in the cornfields by turning them into human scarecrows whose screams would drive away the hungry birds.

On the anniversary of Hathaways death, Liz, unwittingly unleashes his evil spirit into the body of a scarecrow. Seems the inhabitants of the town have been eagerly awaiting Hathaways rebirth thought the child he intends to father with Liz.

Chased by the entire town and the maniacal scarecrow, Liz fights to survive the night in hopes of returning to a world where cramming for exams is as bad as it gets.

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