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movie:  Frogs for Snakes
Release date: 1998
Country: USA
Runtime: 108 min
Genre: thriller
Directed by Amos Poe
Barbara Hershey (Eva), Robbie Coltrane (Al), John Leguizamo (Zip), Lisa Marie (Myrna), Justin Theroux (Flav), Harry Hamlin (Klensch), Nick Chinlund (Iggy), Debi Mazar (Simone)

Frogs for Snakes is a neo-noir comic thriller centering on the hopes and ambitions of a motley ensemble of New York theater actors, who moonlight as illegal money collectors. Eva, the only group member with genuine acting ability and common sense, is fed up with the pretense of this twisted underworld and dreams of leaving town with her five-year-old son, Augie. She yearns to move to the suburbs and simply "be." Ultimately, Eva teams up with her friend, Myrna, for a double mission of score settling to find both their kidnapped children and Zip's killer.
Nick Chinlund play Iggy - former football player that had worked for the mob boss, Al (Robbie Coltrane) years prior. Iggy come back to town right in the middle of current misunderstandings.

Лягушки для змей
в ролях:
Барбара Херши (Ева), Робби Колтрейн (Эл), Джон Легуизамо (Зип), Лайза Мэри (Мирна), Джастин Терокс (Флав), Хэрри Хэмлин (Клинч), Ник Чинланд (Игги), Дэби Мазар (Симона)