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movie:  Cracker. First Love: Part 2 (1.15)
Release date: 1999
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 min
Genre: drama
Directed by Stephen Cragg
Nick Chinlund (Officer Renauldi), Robert Pastorelli (Gerry 'Fitz' Fitzgerald), Angela Featherstone (Det. Hannah Tyler), Carolyn McCormick (Judith Fitzgerald), Robert Wisdom (Det. Danny Watlington), Scott Sowers (Det. Allen Parker), Josh Hartnett (Michael Fitzgerald)

Cracker. First Love: Part 2
Episode 1.15
When Detective Hannah Tyler is abducted by the killer, whom is Officer Palmer's deranged wife Linda who's jealous over Pete Renauldi's attraction to Tyler, Fitz, Lt. Macy, Parker, and Watlington interrogate Officer Renauldi's connection to the murders. When red tape prevents them from making headway, Fitz takes it upon himself to interrogate Renauldi himself to know the identity of the killer he's protecting by divulging into the dirty officer's past and of his connection with Linda Palmer, unaware that she has by this time shot and killed Tyler after she makes a half-baked attempt to escape, and Linda then decides to settle the score with Renauldi herself.

Доктор Фитц. Первая любовь: часть 2.
в ролях:
Ник Чинланд (Офицер Ренальди), Роберт Пасторелли (Джерри 'Фитц' Фитцджеральд), Анджела Физерстоун (Детектив Ханна Тайлер), Кэролин Мак Кормик (Джудит Фитцджеральд), Роберт Уисдом (Детектив Дэнни Уотлингтон), Скотт Соуэрс (Детектив Аллен Паркер), Джош Хартнетт (Майкл Фитцджеральд)