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movie:  Conviction. True Love (1.7)
Release date: 2006
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 min
Genre: crime drama
Directed by Jeffrey Reiner
Nick Chinlund (Boyd), Jordan Bridges (ADA Nick Potter), Milena Govich (ADA Jessica Rossi), Eric Balfour (Brian Peluso), Stephanie March (Alexandra Cabot), Anson Mount (Jim Steele), Julianne Nicholson (Christina Finn), Lionel Pina (Luis Morales)

CONVICTICTION, a new legal drama from Dick Wolf (Law & Order), focuses on young assistant district attorneys in New York as they struggle with a demanding case load that challenges their lack of experience. Although this is not a spin-off of any Law & Order show, this show still takes place in that universe, proven by Stephanie March returning as ADA Bureau Chief Cabot from Law & Order: SVU.

Conviction. True Love.
Episode 1.7
Nick was with a detective in a shady part of New York, trying to persuade an assault witness to talk. As they headed back to the car, Nick was bothered by Detective Holliston’s racist comments, so he offered to walk back to the office instead of accepting a ride. On his way back, Nick was robbed at gunpoint and his wallet was taken. Before the gunman fled, he punched and kicked a defenseless Nick.

Признание вины. Правдивая любовь
в ролях:
Ник Чинланд (Бойд), Джордан Бриджес (Ник Поттер), Милена Гович (Джессика Росси), Эрик Балфоур (Брайан Пелусо), Стефани Марч (Александра Кабот), Энсон Моунт (Джим Стил), Джулианна Николсон (Кристина Финн), Лайонел Пина (Луис Моралес)

ПРИЗНАНИЕ ВИНЫ – криминальная драма от Дика Уолфа (ЗАКОН И ПОРЯДОК) о буднях помощников окружных прокуроров в Нью Йорке.