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movie:  Bun-Bun (short)
Release date: 2003
Country: USA
Runtime: min
Genre: short
Directed by Katie Fleischer
Nick Chinlund (Father 2), Susan Blackwell (Mother), Jason Dietz (Father), Blanchard Ryan (Mother 2), Lola Daehler (Daughter 2), Kathryn Newton (Daughter)

All hell breaks loose when a little girl refuses to accept that the love of her life belongs to another. What's a parent to do?
This movie is about a little girl who wants the same stuffed bunny doll another little girl gets for her birthday. The birthday girl names the bunny Bun-Bun and falls in love with it. The other little girl won't eat or sleep and cries her head off every night for Bun-Bun. Her parents are so fed up, they don't know what to do... until they sneak into the other little girl's room and take it away... making that family miserable, but they don't care... their little one is fast asleep with Bun-Bun and they can go back to sleeping and enjoying life again.

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