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movie:  Ball Don't Lie
Release date: 2007
Country: USA
Runtime: min
Genre: drama
Directed by Brin Hill
Nick Chinlund (Mr. Smith), Mykelti Williamson (Dallas), Ludacris (Julius), Bre Blair (Angel), James Pickens Jr. (Roberto), Ricardo Chavira (Ruben), Kathleen York (Mrs. Smith)

Ball Dont Lie is a gripping tale about a teenager, known simply as Sticky, whose identity is almost totally consumed by basketball. Sticky is a white boy accepted among black ball players. The guys nearly live at a rundown rec center known for being the best place to play ball in Los Angeles. Basketball at Lincoln Rec is one of two few bright spots in the dismal life of this youngest child raised in foster homes following the tragic death of his mother, who went to L.A. chasing a dream that never materialized. The other bright spot in Stickys life is his girlfriend, Anh-thu, whom he meets as he is trying to steal pants from the store where she works. this story is an awesome job of expressing Stickys thoughts, with a sense of hope that Stickys future will be better than his past.

Mr. Smith (Nick Chinlund) and Mrs. Smith.
Stickys third foster family, the Smiths are the best on paper. They both live in the social work field and put forth great effort to connect with and parent Sticky. They are too late. By the time, they bring Sticky into their home; he is a self-destructive kid who cant trust anyone. Stickys edge manifests itself when the Smiths discover Sticky making out with their daughter and decide to return him to Roberto.

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